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Re: Paper storage

I've been looking for just such a plan as well.  Any chance of obtaining
a copy as well?  If so, let me know and I will forward my address.

Jennifer King
Waterloo, ON

Sally Jackson wrote:
> Dear Sam,
> As it happens, Len recently wrote some plans for flat files, and if you
> think you would like a set, we'd be glad to send them along to you.
> The basic 7 drawer flat file measures 16 3/4" x 24" x 32" and costs about
> $50 for materials. The 10 drawer flat file is 24" x 32" x 48" and costs
> about $100.
> The flat files are made of plywood and 1" x 2"s that your lumber company
> will cut for you (at a minimal extra charge). All you need is a
> screwdriver (variable speed electric is suggested), a tape measure, a
> pencil, and a straight edge.  ( Some additional common tools and
> materials are helpful but not essential.)
> The instruction booklet is 32 pages of step by step instructions with
> detailed assembly diagrams plus a separate section of drawings for
> cutting.  You take this cutting diagram to your lumber store to show them
> how to cut the pieces for you.  There is also a materials list showing
> everything you will need to build the file.
> Being an experienced carpenter or even an experienced Do-It-Yourselfer
> isn't       necessary. (We gave sets of plans to friends who had never
> built anything in their lives to make sure the instructions and diagrams
> were clear and easy to follow.) If you should have a problem, we'll be
> glad to do what we can to help.
> Assembly time is estimated at 2-4 hours.
> We'll be glad to sent you a set - let us know if you are interested.
> Sally

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