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Re: Sailcloth in bookbindings

>At 01:33 PM 1/29/98 +0500, you wrote:
>>I was wondering if anyone out there has ever used, or heard of anyone using
>>sailcloth to case-bind a book? What are some of the considerations that
>>need to be taken into account?
>>Thanks for the help...
>>Timothy Geiger
>>University of Toledo
>I've used various "non bookcloth" cloths in binding and find it best to
>pre-mount the cloth to some relatively impervious paper prior to the
>binding. Apply the adhesive to the paper and let it tackify prior to
>adhering the cloth so none of the liquid adhesive soaks through the cloth.
>Light pressure will bond the cloth to the support which in turn can be glued
>to the boards of the book.

        Additionally, another technique is to let the backing adhesive soak
through the fibers and then use this to calender the cloth.


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