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Re: Early Paper Books?

Hi all,

After some serious brain wracking I finally found the article I read last year
_Paper chase: a millennium in the production and use of paper_  by George
Mandl, chairman, International Paper Historians.  It's in _A Millennium of the
Book_, the 1994 volume in the Publishing Pathways series.

Mandl notes the Chinese assertion that paper was invented by Tsai Lun in 105
AD.  He then goes on to follow, quickly, its spread:
Samarkand before 750
Baghdad in 793
Damascus and Cairo about 950
Moorish Spain in 1100
Southern Italy in the 13th century
Troyes in 1348
Nuremberg in 1390
Switzerland before 1432
England in 1488
Poland in 1491
Austria in 1498
Mexico in 1575
Russia in 1576
Netherlands in 1586
Philadelphia in 1690

Of course, this refers to water pulped paper, not the pounded/felted varieties.

By the by, I can highly recommend the books in this series.  I'm lucky to have
access to a library that has most of them on the shelves but they're well worth
an ILL for anyone interested in the history of books and related subjects.  The
essays range far afield.

Su Carter
Williamsburg, VA, USA

"Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor
to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider."               ~ Sir
Francis Bacon

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