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Re: Sailcloth in bookbindings

Dear Timothy,

Are you making a slip case for the book?  or covering the boards with sail
cloth?  Either way, the sail cloth (which I have used instead of canvas cause
I got this great deal on it at a yard sale!) is rather heavy.  So, I would
tend to use pva to glue it down; if pva goes thru the material however, it
will stain it.  So I would try out how the sailcloth glues down with wheat
paster vs. pva.  Also, you would have to add in a certain amount of space to
make room for the book.  (I can draw this and show it better than use words to
explain it)  But at any rate, you have to take into consideration how much
space the material will take up and plan for it in terms of size of text
block--I would think!

Are you planning to paint on the sailcloth?  print???  Also consider the
weight of the sail cloth--I am assuming that all sailcloth weighs the same;
that there is no difference regarding the thickness; I am wrong a lot, so I
would find out about weights.

Speaking of weight--are you planning to use it to cover the spine and toes?  A
large book (9X12 or even smaller) would be very heavy--weigh a lot--covered in
sail cloth.  You might consider that in relationship to what you plan to put
inside.  A portfolio covered in sail cloth might be a cool idea as well as
very protective of say, prints or watercolors that are not matted.  A sketch
book covered in sail cloth would be very sturdy but again very heavy.

Your project sounds very interesting.  And I'm curious.  Is your sailcloth the
same kind as mine (to use as sails on sail boats!) or is this the name of a
bookbinding cloth that I haven't discovered yet???  Enjoy your project!

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