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Re: Early Paper Books?

Winston Pei <info@BLACKRIDERS.COM> writes:

>I know that by the third century, the codex and _parchment_ had increased
>in usage, thanks to the Roman empire, but that's hardly cheap materials.

Would there be a significant difference in 'cost' between parchment and
paper at this time?  Would the production of paper, by hand, not involve
a similar investment of labour (assuming that water power would not have
been used in the pulping process at this early date)?

Parchment is so expensive today because it is still largely made by hand,
while even handmade paper usually involves a few technological shortcuts.
If I were given a heap of linen rags and a goatskin, and tasked to produce
a sheet of writing material from either one with only simple tools, I know
which one I'd pick, but then, I've been doing it for years.

Cheers, Rick C.

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