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Re: Iron-on backings

At 06:05 PM 1/30/98 EST, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever used pelon or a similar fabric iron-on? ....

I used "Heat & Bond" to adhere my handmarbled silk in making a blank book
(sewn in the traditional manner).  This was an experiment, not meant to be
archival, just to see if it would work.

I ironed the "Heat & Bond" first to the back of the silk, then I removed the
paper backing and literally ironed the material to the boards (front cover,
spine, back cover all in alignment) covering them as you would with a normal
bookcloth binding.  Using the first and last pages of the signatures as end
pages, I pasted in the signatures to the covers and then covered the inside
of the covers  with more silk with the "Heat & Bond" backing (again, ironing
over the blank end pages).

With the exception of pasting in the endpages, the entire book cover was
"ironed together"

"Heat & Bond" is the commercial name of the product, available at most
fabric stores.  It comes in 3 weights, I would recommend the middle weight.
I prefer it over "Stitch Witchery" which is more "web like" in its
construction than the "Heat & Bond".

d guffey

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