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Fan gluing / Adhesive Binding

From: "Rupert N. Evans" <r-evans4@staff.uiuc.edu>
Subject: Fan gluing  / Adhesive Binding

A fan-bound book can be produced with or without mull, and can be bound
with either soft or hard covers. The essential feature of double fan glued
binding is that the sheets to be bound are gripped about three inches from
the spine, then are bent at about a 90 degree angle to the left (or right).
The adhesive is brushed or rolled onto the spine, covering the spine edge
of each sheet plus a few thousandths of an inch to one side of the edge.
Next, one bends the sheets about ninety degrees in the opposite
direction and applies the adhesive to the edge, plus a few thousandths of
an inch on the second side of the sheet. Finally, the sheets are allowed to
return to their upright position and are pressed together, usually with a
strip of mull, and are set aside to dry, usually under light pressure.
The whole process is greatly facilitated if you have access to one
of Pete Jermann's fan-gluing presses. If you are interested, he can be
contacted at TeMPeR Productions
117 South 14th St.
Olean, NY 14760
Tel. 716-373-9450
Email: temper@csi.com
My connection with Pete is that I am a satisfied customer

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