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Re: [BKARTS] now that I'm in how do I pay for it?

After an intensive US search for Book Arts study locations, I am on my way to Camberwell in the fall, as well. America does have some very nice programs, but very limited in number. I would reccommend University of the Arts in Philledelphia, PA. I toured their facilities in great detail and was welcomed by everyone I met. They seem to have a very intimate environment that is dedicated to the "fine art" side of book arts. Also, Universtity of Alabama has a well-known program, but I don't know that much about it. Check out their website for more info. Another interesting one is at Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts (part of Columbia College), and they have something called the Aiko Fellowship. The have a very prestigious collection, so I've heard. There are far more programs here that offer BA or unaccredited study, but MFA/MA choices are limited. Those are the best I found. Good luck in your search!

A.C. Berkheiser
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