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[BKARTS] Oops!

I have no idea why my last post turned up in computer speak. I use Microsoft Outlook but thought I had set to to send everything in plain text.  I hope I'll be forgiven! THIS is what the message was supposed to say:
Wow. I've been overwhelmed by suggestions for digital books. Thanks ever so much to everyone who responded to my plea. There are probably more than I can use in the digital books topic and instead I may use some as additions to the artists book topic.  I find the variety of approaches to digital books fascinating in itself and it is always interesting to see what students think about them. We start the semester with the question of what a book is and finishing with digital books brings us back in a full circle. The question of control in moving to the next page/screen is often times a deciding factor in whether or not the students are prepared to admit a digital book into their definition of what a book is. 
I should add that the subject uses online resources almost exclusively and that the resources I've found through the book arts list and Peter's site play an important role.  (and a PS. I was interested to see that the Alphabet site was suggested more than once. That is the one site I used last year that hasn't disappeared. It generates lots of discussion about the issue I mentioned above - that is some students believe it is a book, others don't).
Sue W
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