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[BKARTS] My last word on the subject (I promise).

I wish to urge anyone with a question regarding copyright law NOT to rely on any statements made by Mr. Morehouse. He as a completely and utterly flawed view of the current state of the law (whatever his views regarding the propriety of those laws may be). Please, please contact Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts if you can't afford an attorney--they will try to put you in touch with a lawyer who will work pro bono (i.e., without charge) to answer you questions.  I would also encourage you to read Mazer v. Stein, it is one of the most cited Supreme Court cases in all of copyright law (not just about lamps) and while written by Justice Reed, you can see the hand of Felix Frankfurter, one of this country's greatest jurists.  It is available at http://www.law.cornell.edu/copyright/cases/347_US_201.htm. It will provide some insight into the "Law" (which by the way should not be capitalized) on copyright.  

I would also like to add that groups like Creative Commons do NOT grant licenses.  You either claim copyright in a work you have authored or you don't.  There are groups that encourage free sharing by means of such "licenses" but they are not legal licenses--they may be a way of disclaiming copyright, but you may do so just as easily do so by stating so in your work.  

Finally, to Mr. Morehouse:  Perhaps if you had an original creative idea you would not have to keep raiding the ideas of "certain large media firms" for content. How's that for dancing, you twit. 


Jeffrey Loop

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