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Re: [BKARTS] pocket parts

Yes you have remember law books and pockets part exactly. Unfortunately the pasted envelope wont work for my purposes but another lister sent some photos of a "pocket" made in book cloth that I am going to try -covered in paper any other suggestions would still be appreciated
A Emel


I'm a little confused by discussion of flaps and seals here.  At another
period of my life, I used law books a lot.  I think of a pocket part as a
supplement that is usually printed on light weight paper.  The pages are close to the
size of the original book and the back cover of the pocket part slides into a
tight pocket in the back cover of the original volume.  (The pocket is open on
the side toward the spine.) That way readers can read the pocket parts along
with the main volume.  If the pocket parts are likely to be thick, the spine
of the book is wider than the text block to accommodate the pages of the pocket
part.  A new pocket part is published annually to update the volume until a
new edition comes out, so pocket parts get thicker over several years.  Early
in the life of a law book, the pocket part may be only a signature, but later
it can take the form of multiple signatures stapled together, with a card stock
back cover to slide into the pocket.  I recall that the pockets were made of
something more like a card stock, so they are stiff and firm enough to anchor
the pocket part.

Hope this helps.

Sally Canzoneri

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