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Re: Business Contact-arts & crafts ,gifts,decorative items,etc .


Dear Sirs (Mrs.),


   Glad to  know from world B2B website that your company is wishing to purchase arts & crafts ,gifts, decorative items, artistic ceramics,etc.


And now I write this letter to you for formal business contact.


       We are pleased to tell you that our products just fall into your purchase scope and they also can meet your demands in both product choices and pricing.


We are the biggest and the most professional gifts, arts& crafts, home decorative items manufacturing company and supplier in China. Part of our products are uniquely tailor-made to our customers including many famous big companies in China and central ministries of China. Some of our products are unique patented categories such as Jiaozhi Pottery and Chinese red porcelain, etc. And world big multinational buyers including big retailers, freemarkets, wholesalers/importers, etc also show great interest in our products. And some substantial transactions are being under disposal. And many celebrities in world political, economic and show industries have become our distinguished users. As for this, you can refer to our website-http://www.deyixuan.com/ to browse PROFILE or HONORS. 


 Most of our products can be good middle/high-grade gifts or premiums. Such as our artistic dressing mirrors are good gifts for Valentine’s days or promotional gifts to feminine consumers. And our colored glaze products are becoming a new main popular decorative series. And almost all our products can be described as high-grade artistic crafts. We also have various paintings and frames and other ordinary gifts, arts and crafts with complete line, etc, traditional and modern. For these pictures, you can refer to our website- http://www.deyixuan.com/NEW PRODUCTS & PRODUCTS. 


       Our unique products mainly include:







 And three selected representative pictures (FASN-017 , DL020-05,DC-004  ) are attached here for your reference. Among them, the FASN series are our stylish artistic dressing mirrors mainly tailored to modern feminine consumers;  DL represents our popular colored glaze products series, including frames such as DL020-05 and exquisite decorative items such as DL007-20, pendants, bracelets;  DC represents our crystallized colored glaze porcelain wares, which are the optimal decorative porcelain wares, with many other purposes, etc.

 For further model code description, DH series such as DH-008 are our Patented high-grade (collectible) decorative Red porcelain wares; DJ represents our new unique high-grade (collectible) decorative Jiaozhi pottery series such as DJ044 and DJ001 pot series and DJ026 candleholder series, etc; DYX series such as DYX-L11 are our general cultural gifts with various sub-categories;  


You can choose what you think suitable for your business and for your market from our catalogues or from our on-line pictures. You can also choose some models as the prototypes of the products tailor-made to you. And we welcome your sending us your intention or idea and relevant requirements in products development such as for the printing/die-casting of your special pattern (s), logo(s) / trademark(s) on the box(-es) or products, or for changing the color or translation, etc.


If you wish to order some models, please kindly tell us the Model Numbers or the name of  main category(-ries)  (you can find them from our website) and the quantities, then we can quote you our offer or arrange the production and delivery of them after your making payment partially or wholly.


Following are some terms and conditions for placing your order and for your reference:

1.Discount: We are willing to give you different percentages of discount according to your different total order amounts.  

2. Basic Payment Terms: FOB Tianjin, By T/T Advance or (and) L/C at Sight according to different condition. We are also willing to quote you CIF prices. And other payment terms such as L/C after Sight and confirmed D/P can be operative in future transactions based upon certain customer ’s credit standing and the order amount. 

3.Delivery Time: After the payment has been made by you, we can finish the delivery of the goods you order to you within 1-2.5 months, including 15-30 days for production on average and 15-45 days for sea transportation according to different port of destination.

  4.Packaging: Each piece is packed in reliable exquisite inner packages such as high-grade gift box or small fine hair cloth bag (for dressing mirrors), high-grade paper box (for frames,) or high-grade brocade wooden box (for pottery and porcelain, etc). Other packages are available upon your request.

5. Minimum Total Amount For General Export Order5,000 USD ; Minimum Total Amount For Sampling Order With Delivery By International Express (Not For Obtaining Sample (s))500 USD. 


We are willing to provide you with our sample(s) (not completely for free, at certain charges). I believe that these are very good profitable projects for you and your market has an ever increasing demand for them. And we also sincerely wish to hear your comments about consumer analysis, products development and advice on market promotion, etc. 

      And if you wish to see our catalogues, please directly enter our website- http://www.deyixuan.com/NEW PRODUCTS & PRODUCTS: category browse.


         We also wish you or your representative(s) to visit our company at your convenience. 

For other products and the representative models, please refer to the following Brief Products Introduction .


      If there is something that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

      Looking forward to receiving your reply soon!

      Best regards!
     Yours sincerely,



                                                                 Oliver Huang, Manager of International Business Department of Beijing Deyixuan Arts and Crafts Development Center
                                                                 Contact Information:
                                                                         Tel.: 0086-10-87699183/87698122 
                                                                         Fax: 0086-10-87698517/87698516





Brief Products Introduction


   Our representative models are listed as follow for your reference. And brief introductions of them are given at the same time.


l        Artistic(Art) Dressing Mirrors: FASN-026 (Clean)FASN-017 (Sea rose), FASN-023 (Growth ring), FASN-032 (The most beautiful)FASN-050 (Aquarius)FASN SET-002 (Good Gift Set Tailored To Feminine Consumers), etc, with good market and highly popular among feminine consumers. And more and more buyers are coming .You can place big order such as with one 20' container. 


l        Colored Glaze Products: DL020-05 (Promotion Step By Step, Representative Decorative Frame)DL020-04 (Fall Chrysanthemum, Representative Decorative Frame), DL007-08 (Rose Ru Yi, Representative Decorative Placement), DL007-20(Leisure Tour, Representative Decorative Placement), DL001(Exquisite Pendants), DL004(Constellation Bracelet) ,etc. This category of products including frames, small pendants/bracelets and decorative placements ,etc are sure to become global consumptive consumables, with huge market demand. You can place big order such as with one 40' container. 


l        Crystallized Colored Glaze Porcelain Wares (Colored Crystal Glaze) and Tea Set : DC-004 (Wave Vase)DC-015 (Big Bamboo Charm Vase),DC-011 (Hand-Pulled Fortune-Gathering Flask),DC-017 (Garden Satisfaction ) ,etc, with high ornamental and collectible and cultural values. This category of decorative porcelain is sure to become the mainstay of  consumptive decorative porcelain around the world. They also have many other practical purposes such as serving as flower vases, etc. You can place somewhat big order such as with one 20' container. 


l        Renowned Chinese Red Porcelain (Red-china):DH-008 (Beauty’s Shoulder Vase),DH-014 (Vase With One Ring), etc. They are precious and unique porcelain wares with high ornamental and collectible and cultural values, with big potential global purchase power. You can place your order in middling quantities such as with half one 20' container. 


l        Ordinary Gifts: DYX-L11 (Diorama Of Terracotta Warriors & Horses Pit No.1 With Miniature Imitation 1/200, Good Cultural Gift With High Collectible And Ornamental Values))DYX-H12 (Cup, Archaized Collectible Frame With Jade Carvings)DYX-T06 (Fuxin Wine Vessel, Exquisite Representative Bronze Ware )DYX-U04(Regular Xun Set--3 pieces, Representative Famous Black Pottery Ware) ,etc. They are high-grade cultural and collectible consumptive goods with reasonable pricing and good market. You can place your order in big quantities such as 40' container(s).


l        Jiaozhi Koji Pottery Products:DJ044 (Full of Treasures),DJ001 pot series Fortune (Pot), DJ060 (No Discord)DJ026 (Zodiac Symbol Candleholder)DJ073-03 (Reversible Zodiac Symbol)DJ009 (Wealth Cat), etc. As a new decorative collectible pottery wares which have integrated various arts and with lofty handy craftsmanship, they will become another series of  future main collectible consumables in Pottery industry.  


      You can find these models on our catalogues. You can also see the pictures of them by browsing our website (http://www.deyixuan.com/ ) for more information. You can find them by browsing NEW PRODUCTS & PRODUCTS and copy the Italic English name into the blank search pane.


      Our products are playing a leading role in modern collectible pottery and porcelain industry, in modern collection and decoration fields, and in modern cultural consumption and stylish consumption fields and in global gift & arts and crafts fields.




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Attachment: DL020-05.jpg
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Attachment: DC-004.jpg
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