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Re: [BKARTS] monotype question

In a message dated 2/9/04 1:21:26 PM, MGPstudio@xxxxxxx writes:

<< I have recently started experimenting with monotype printing and I was
wondering if it is acceptable to print more than one of the same image using 
same colors and design? >>

when i took printmaking classes i was taught that 1 unique print is a 
monoTYPE; if you do another one that is essentially the same image it's a monoPRINT, 
and it's perfectly acceptable. often printmakers use a drawing or plan under 
the plexi plate so that they can do an edition of monoprints. because the image 
is newly put onto the plate for each one, the resulting prints will never be 
exactly alike, hence they can still be called "mono". 

for the person who thought that these are artist's proof, that term refers to 
prints pulled from a plate that is still in process.  if the image isn't yet 
finished, the artist will pull prints during the process to see what needs 
work. s/he will also often do artist's proofs when deciding on colors/itensity of 
colors/etc in the print----the plate itself may not be different in the final 
edition but some of the printing techniques may differ. since the image on a 
monoprint plate isn't permanent, the monoprint will change every time you redo 
it, and thus wouldn't be called a proof.

leeanne mallonee in BALMY maine---it made it to 40˚ today and felt 

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