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Re: [BKARTS] Book Repairs in Libraries

At my institution, a slip (headed "Preservation Decisions") is put in
each book, with a space to indicate identifying information (call
number, etc), and the librarian or circulation staff sending it to be
repaired marks the appropriate thing:
Cover : worn, loose, detached
Spine: worn, loose, detached
Pages: torn, loose, missing
                    page numbers __________________
Other comments
Initials ______    Date __________
The Preservation specialist can then make a repair decision from this
information, plus an examination of the material. The slip further
includes such repairs that the Pres specialist will indicate... such as
recase new cover; pamphlet bind; etc. 
Hope this helps.
Megan M. Lancour
Marquette University
Raynor Memorial Libraries
Preservation Unit
(414) 288-7068

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