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Re: [BKARTS] Book Repairs in Libraries

I am a one person repair department at a small academic library. All
books in need of repair have a "repair slip" wilth small boxes to check
indicating the type of repair needed. Since my time is limited, this
allows me to group repairs by type to do all the same types of repair
at the same time. Tip-ins, torn pages, spine damage, etc. There is also
an "other" line and a space to indicate where the book goes after
repair, i.e. to a specific person, or back to check-in.  There is also
a box to check for a rush job. I save the slips for a monthly tally
which tells me how many of what type of repair for a year-end report.
Also, the slips are a different color than what is used for other
things around the library.

Hope this is helpful.

Diane Nolting
St. Mary's College Library
Moraga, California

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