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[BKARTS] MOMO/Franklin Furnace Collection


I just read an announcment in the new issue of Book Arts Classifieds that
has me a little disturbed. It says that the Franklin Furnace collection of
aritst books has merged with MOMA's library collection. They now have an
"open acquisitions policy" of accepting mutliples of artist books.

This is very sad to me. It means that all one has to do is send them an
aritst book and a resume and automatically that artist has a book in MOMA!
Doesn't this cheapen the collection? And what about the rest of us who have
"sold" books to MOMA in the past and worked hard to make the sale. Does that
mean that our place in the collection is less valued?

I just don't like the idea that any book artist can now have MOMA listed on
their collections resume regardless of the quality of work. What happen to
curatorial oversight? It used to be that having MOMA on your resume was a
point of pride.

Is anyone else disturbed by this? Care to discuss?


Kevin Thomas

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