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Re: [BKARTS] MOMO/Franklin Furnace Collection

I can't speak for their policy specifically, but maybe there is a
distinction between MOMA's library and MOMA's collections. Maybe their
library is just that- defined in a strict sense of a general grouping of
books available to look through and study. (this isn't an attempt to
philosophize on the meaning of 'library')  Their collections may be a
different matter- involving curatorial selection and discernment.
Perhaps they are two completely different departments... 
There will always be people who stretch the facts on a resume- don't let
it bother you.  Are you making art so that you can get recognized by
MOMA, or are you making art because you enjoy it; improving your skills
and doing your best?  In the end, if your product is good, it will be a

Doug Sanders

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Thomas [mailto:ktbooks77@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Hello,
> I just read an announcment in the new issue of Book Arts Classifieds
> has me a little disturbed. It says that the Franklin Furnace
collection of
> aritst books has merged with MOMA's library collection. They now have
> "open acquisitions policy" of accepting mutliples of artist books.

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