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[BKARTS] Fwd: Looking for cover art for Women in the Trees from Susan Koppelman

Friends - I am forwarding this call for art to you for information, should
you wish to submit something for consideration. Susan is a good friend and this
particular anthology includes one of my short stories. Please CAREFULLY read
the description of the kind of art she and the publisher are looking for before
sending anything. Do not waste your time and that of the publisher by sending
work that does not fit their requirements. I know this is a small amount of
money, but it might be attractive to someone for whom the subject matter is
compelling or an artist who is trying to establish herself in publishing. Do
remember that this book, which is part of the Susan Koppelman collection being
reissued by The Feminist Press, will be in bookstores and part of Women's Studies
programs throughout the U.S. I believe they are only interested in seeing
work by women (sorry guys). Description follows. Barbara Harman

I'm sending this to artist friends or those who have contact with artists or
those who just have particularly great ideas.

I am VERY happy and excited to tell you that my collection of short stories
about DV, "Women in the Trees:" U.S. Women's Stories about Battering and
Resistance, 1839-1994 is going to be reissued by The Feminist Press.  I'm not sure
when the book will be available again, but perhaps before the end of 2004.  I
just found out about this a few minutes ago and wanted to share the news with

The reason I'm talking about it here and now is this: the publishers are
looking for a cover for the book and would be delighted if they could find one to
use from the community of women who are DV survivors.  They have given me
permission to post this call for cover art.

They would like to make a cover choice by the end of next week (Whew!  So
fast!) so--

if you have art you'd like to send to them to consider for the cover, here is
the person and the email and snail mail addresses to send to:

Stacy A. Malyil

Associate Editor

The Feminist Press at CUNY

365 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 817-7926

Fax: (212) 817-1593



Some things being sought: Work in which the women represented are from a
variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds OR in which the women represented are not
racially/ethnically identifiable (perhaps seen from the back?)  Color.

Some things not wanted: NO photographs, NO abstracts, NO religious
iconography or symbolism.  Not so busy that details aren't clear on the cover.  The book
will be 5.5 x 10 and there has to be room for title etc. info.

I think they probably pay something like $200 for permission to use the work
on the cover but don't ask that you relinquish the work permanently to them,
which means you can sell the permission to use the image and still keep or sell
the work itself.  A slide should do it.

Love, Susan

Susan Koppelman



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