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[BKARTS] Book jackets

Hi all,

Here is a semi-book arts related question-

I was able to scavenge a number of nice book jackets from the library where I work.  Our bindery office is a cheerless, windowless room, so I thought the jackets would be a great way to liven the place up.

I'm wondering if anyone has advice on mounting them.  They just fall off the wall if taped with Scotch tape. (Not PC, I know).  

I considered getting a paint roller and using PVA glue to coat the backsides, then adhering them to cheap posterboard (again not PC, but this isn't artwork meant to last the ages). However, these jackets are so slick I wonder if this would work.  Maybe if the backs were sandpapered first?  I am also concerned about warping, is there a "drier" glue that's still convenient to spread over relatively large surfaces?

Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Westerfield

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