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Re: [BKARTS] Copyright info. for book artists

In print or not, if you buy a book you can rebind it, display it, and yes,
sell it.

1. If I purchase an existing book (currently in print) and rebind it --
leaving the text and pages unchanged -- can it be displayed publicly, and/or

That depends. In the during the period you mention, the copyright was 28 years, but had to be renewed. Few publications had their copyright renewed, so it is likely that the article is now in the public domain. If in doubt ask the copyright holder(s), or have LC run a search.

2. In a similar vein, if I cut an article out of a magazine (post 1923 --
the magazine in question is from 1940) and use the actual article in an
artists book, is that a violation of copyright?

Cornell University has a good site, and Peter Hirtle is rather well versed on the subject. The URL is <http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/cornell/>.

I know that US Copyright law is very involved, and yes, I should contact a
copyright attorney, but at this stage I'm just looking for basic information
and can't hire someone.  I've read the Code and judgments regarding
derivative works, etc., but I'm just not sure if these cases fall under that
definition...  Has anyone had experience in these matters?

Ann Kingman


Peter D. Verheyen
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