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[BKARTS] 2004 Washington Book Arts Conference & Fair

Looking to the fall, Pyramid Atlantic is currently in the planning
stages for its 2004 Washington Book Arts Conference and Fair.

In response to the concern of vendors from the 2002 Book Fair we have
made a substantial reduction in the cost of a table. Instead of $750
the charge per table will be $650.

There will also be a Book Arts Conference with two panels and a
keynote speaker opening at the elegantly restored American Film
Institute. By coupling these two activities we have insured that
there will be a larger audience of informed and dedicated book
collectors and scholars.

One panel will include:
moderator - Mary Lum (Alfred University), painter, book artist
* Karen Wirth (Chair of Fine Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and
Design) - artist & educator
* Tom Trusky (Boise State University) - Director of the Hemingway
Writer Center, and scholar
* Craig Dworkin (Princeton University) - scholar in visual and
experimental poetry
* Johanna Drucker (University of Virginia) - Professor of Media
Studies, poet, book artist, writer

Another panel will include:
moderator - Buzz Spector (Cornell University) artist and educator
* Emily McVarish - book artist and letterpress printer
* Phil Zimmermann - (School of Art + Design, SUNY Purchase) book
artist, publisher and educator
* Ruth Laxson - poet and book artist
* Joan Lyons - book artist and Director of Visual Studies Workshop Press

The conference and fair will be held November 19 - 21.

The Book Arts Conference and Fair events will take place at the
convention space and auditorium of the National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Agency  - within walking distance of Pyramid Atlantic's
new building in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Downtown Silver
Spring is conveniently located to the DC Metro system's red line.
There is plenty of public parking at NOAA as well as easily
accessible loading docks located in the building.

Nearby hotels and eateries make this a great site for the 8th Pyramid
Atlantic Washington Book Arts Conference & Fair

We need to have your commitment now in order to proceed with planning
the Conference and Book Fair. Please RSVP soon so we can assure you a

Thank you,

Brad Freeman, Coordinator, Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair and Conference

Helen Frederick, Director, Pyramid Atlantic

____YES, I look forward to participating in the 8th Pyramid Atlantic Book
Arts Fair and Conference

____NO, I am unable to participate in the 8th Pyramid Atlantic Books Arts
fair and Conference

* - * - * - *

Brad Freeman
232 Knollwood Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


* - * - * - *

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

t 301.459.7154, 301.608.9101
f 301.608.9102

* - * - * - *

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