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Re: [BKARTS] Query re tooling

Dear Charles,
Thank you for your response. Could you clarify a couple of points for me,
If I understood you rightly, you mentioned rolling lines of gold on leather.
Is this correct?
Have you tried this on linen? If not, can you comment from your experience
on whether the temperature you used on leather be too high for linen,
resulting in scorching?
In your description of brocaded paper work, you mentioned working this while
the size was still wet. While this presents no difficulty (relatively) when
working with flat sheets, would the lining paper of a box have been tooled
wet? From the examples I've seen, I find this hard to imagine - just from
the time it would have taken to cover fiddly areas like the partitions for
drawers, keep the paper wet and then run a roller along the covered
partitions. I had wondered whether the tooling had been done first, then the
paper applied, but there is no question from the examples I've seen that the
tooling was done after the box had been covered, from the way the tool marks
meet / join at corners, for one thing.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

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