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Re: [BKARTS] Query re tooling

Dear Mr Sanders,
Thank you for your reply, which I found very helpful. I had not heard of
Dutch Gilt or Brocade Paper before.
Yes, I think this could quite possibly be the technique used. It makes
sense. The examples I've seen have all been very even along a 'run' in terms
of the gold leaf covering. Being on the inside of boxes, the patterning is
relatively well preserved. However, I am still curious on a practical level
as to what kind of adhesive/pasted was used and how far it would stretch on
a 'run' of pattern created by a roller - and how the roller would have been
'loaded' with adhesive/paste without any overflow or spillage beyond the
borders of the pattern ...
I have visited the websites you listed - thanks. The Koninklijke is
certainly worth contacting for further information, which I will do.
All best wishes, and thanks again.
Leon Conrad

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