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[BKARTS] finishing press info

HI!  I am looking to build an inexpensive finishing press to sell on ebay.
I already sell bookpresses and sewing frames and want to add this to the
list.  Since I have never used one, I have some questions about them.  I
will use your input to design mine.
How far between the screws is needed?
How big should the 2 wood pieces be?  From the pictures I have seen they are
about 3" x 2".
How wide should the press open?
And this is the most critical.  Does it matter if the handles and screws
stick out on both sides?  Do you use this press front to back facing you or
side to side?   Would it make a difference if the handles stuck out about 8"
from the side of the press?
I am trying to make this as cheaply as possible so that most can afford it,
so this last question is critical.
Any info on this would be greatly appreicated.  If you want, you can contact
me off  or on the list.
Heritage Interiors
sq1tk on ebay

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