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Re: [BKARTS] leather sources

Dear RJ,

One consideration that might give you more choices, is that if you
are not using the leather to cover hardcover books and planning to do
traditional finishing on it, you may not need vegetable tanned
leather.  Chrome tanned comes in many colors, and is more stable over
time than many vegetable tanned skins. It usually cheaper too. I have
been very happy with chrome tanned for many types of limp bindings.


"Date:    Sat, 6 Mar 2004 05:24:13 -0800
From:    rj <h9022@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Leather Source

I have been looking for a source of thick leather (around 2.5 mm thick) to use
for a wrap-around soft cover for a long-stitch book. I neither need nor can
afford to buy the entire skin. I did find a place in Texas that sells
reasonable (to me) sizes but for vegetable tanned leather they only have
natural colored skins and I would prefer some choice of color.

Thanks for any help in locating a source.

Consuela Metzger
Lecturer - Book Conservation
The University of Texas at Austin
School of Information
The Preservation/Conservation Studies Program
1 University Station D7000
Austin, TX 78712-1276
(512) 471-8293
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