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[BKARTS] paste cooking advice?

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Since we're on the subject of paste ... I've been having trouble lately with
the sticking properties of our paste.  That is, it doesn't adhere as
strongly as I'd like.  We've been trying different things each batch, like a
different proportion of wheat starch to water, different soaking times,
cooking times, ways of cooling, etc., but we just never end up with the
quality of paste that I remember having years ago.  And I'm starting to feel
like I'm chasing my tail.

Here's where we are at the moment - we add 40g of Zin Shofu wheat starch to
400ml deionized water and let it soak for one hour.  Then we cook in a
Cook-N-Stir, at a little above heat level 4 (out of 5) for about 10 minutes,
until the paste turns gray and translucent.  Then we turn the heat down to 1
(low) and cook for another half hour.  We turn the paste into a glass beaker
and cover with deionized water.  To use, we strain it and dilute with
deionized water.  We make a fresh batch every week, and we change the water
covering the paste every day.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions that anyone has, or paste
recipes that work well for you.

Thanks in advance,

Sandy Hempe

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