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Re: [BKARTS] chrome tanned and vegetable tanned leather

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Not only is the Etherington Dictionary essential, its on-line!


But on the topic of choosing a leather tannage for bookbinding, I
would say that it depends on what you intend to do to the leather,
and how you want it to behave.  I find that chrome tanned leather is
very hard on my normal leather knives, and I know its not good to
breath chrome-tanned dust.  It can have a spongy/stretchy
consistency.  And I know that it will not behave the way I need it to
when doing traditional gold tooling with glair, or blind tooling
using water.  But that said, it is a much more stable product, and
normally has no problems with acid. It readily tools with gold foils.
It stick well with PVA, and I've had some success with paste, or a
mixture of paste and PVA.

 I use both tannages, depending on the circumstances, and there are
also combination tannages, often specified for conservation quality

These distinctions, with full descriptions, as well as nearly any other
bookbinding and conservation subject you can think of are included in
"Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books," by Roberts and Etherington,
Library of Congress 1982.
Available from Etherington Conservation Center and elsewhere.

It's my bible."

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