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Re: [BKARTS] Enzymes

 MDE - Innovation 2004: An International Bookbinding Design Competition
                    [No Binding Experience Required]
                  Sponsored by Meister der Einbandkunst
                     60,000  (Euro) in total prizes
              Full information at <http://www.mde2004.org/>

Thanks once again to all those replies. This list is a gold mine.

I got  a bottle of Pancreatin yesterday and put it to work immediately.
Splendid results the stain was gone within 15 minutes. It was that

Thanks Jack and thanks again to all the other who so kindly gave their


Potsdam, Germany

P.S. After Peter Kranz's contribution and the results I've obtained.
Pancreatin is something that I can only recomend for every binders

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