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[BKARTS] In Above My Head

 MDE - Innovation 2004: An International Bookbinding Design Competition
                    [No Binding Experience Required]
                  Sponsored by Meister der Einbandkunst
                     60,000 ? (Euro) in total prizes
              Full information at <http://www.mde2004.org/>

I could use some tips/help with a project that is a challenge for me, but which I am committed to doing just the best I can anyway.  I got carried away and agreed to make a guestbook for free for the kick-off ball for my county's 200th birthday.  After I agreed to do that, I learned that the same book would also be used as a scrapbook, which greatly compounded the difficulty of the project.  I have only sewn books (not casebound but the kind where you add boards separately and then cover them, etc.) and made accordion books.  I read this week in the newspaper that the governor is attending the ball.  I had not calmed down from finding it would be a scrapbook when I was told that following several months of celebration, the book would be placed in a time capsule with other items and buried in the ground.  I did tell the ball chairman that the book would need to be placed in a special container to separate it from the other items and I would find out from "experts" what that container
 should be.  To make matters worse, I have been in and out of the hospital -- I'm in fine shape now -- and have lost valuable time.  I only have two weeks.

I'm thinking that I should stay with what I have experience with and not try to make a standard scrapbook/photo album, which I don't want to make anyway.  Toward the front I could sew signatures of a nice writing paper, which I would line if possible in a printer or by hand, and then the back could be Arches or Rives heavy paper that could be in signatures with spacers, either having one fold of the sheet be only one inch or adding two-inch sheets in the signature.

1. Does that last paragraph seem like a  workable solution?
2. Can you suggest a fine writing paper that would be good for this and who might sell it?
3. Does a size of 8 1/2 inches high and 10 horizontal sound OK?
4. If I used non-archival ink jet colors on a linen cover, what could I finish it with to give more permanence?  Would I put the finish just on the printed material or over the entire cover?
5. How would you do the spacers for the Rives or Arches paper?
6. How many pages of the writing paper would you put in a signature?  How many pages of the Rives or Arches would you put in a signature?
7. What kind of container for the book should I suggest to the bicentennial committee?
8. The bookboards I have are .082.  Is that thick enough or should I double it?
9. I want to add in a title page (so I can credit myself) but probably won't be able to print on the size of paper that will be needed.  Should I glue it to a full sheet or do I just glue in the edge near the spine?

Thank you in advance for your tips and for not telling me what you think my IQ might be.

Kathy Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa., kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx

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