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Re: [BKARTS] Wanted: brass die engraver

MDE - Innovation 2004: An International Bookbinding Design Competition
                    60,000 ? (Euro) in total prizes
             Full information at <http://www.mde2004.org/>

Try the following links on the Supplier page at

Art Engraving Co.: produces letterpress cuts, male and female embossing
dies, injection molding dies, foil stamp dies, and pantograph masters.

Bauer Engraving Company, Inc.: Bauer Engraving has been providing engraving
services to the printing industry since 1928. We offer a wide selection of
letterpress printing plates, cork branding dies, chocolate molding dies,
foil stamping dies, embossing dies, chocolate coin imprinting dies and many
more! In Rancho Cordova, CA.

OWOSSO GRAPHIC ARTS: Photo-engravers and die makers. Online ordering
capability, great customer service. In Michigan.

P & S Engraving: Brass finishing tools and type. Also custom tools from
your artwork. In England.

Pella Engraving Co.: Photo engraving, metal-etching, and die-making. In Iowa.

Dies can be of zinc, magnesium, or brass. Brass is the most expensive.
Vendors will be able to work from an image file (check with them for
resolution/format) or hardcopy. Location of vendor is irrelevant as they'll
all ship. Turnaround time from Owosso was 4 days the last time I ordered.

You'll want to ask for "deep etched," and if using a stamping press like a
Kwikprint or Kensol, "type high."


I am looking for someone to engrave a brass die that will be used to
stamp some book covers. The design work is already done, but the detail
work of the die will be added by the engraver. I believe this will be a
very interesting project.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or if you are an
engraver and interested in giving us a quote.


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator
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