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[BKARTS] Girolamo Savonarola Religious and Political Reformer

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                     60,000 ? (Euro) in total prizes
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Girolamo Savonarola Religious and Political Reformer
The Incunable Collection of the Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart

IDC Publishers is making available a remarkable collection of over 200 incunabula of Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498). Savonarola became by far the most widely published 15th century author during his lifetime. Many regard him as one of Luther's predecessors. The rise of the Florentine book illustration is also closely linked with the dissemination of Savonarola's writings. Thus, this collection offers primary sources of interest to theologians, historians, art historians, and book historians.

*               212 titles
*       263 microfiche
*       Including MARC21 Bibliographic Records
*       For more information and a title list, please visit www.idc.nl/catalog/referer.php?c=432 

Willemijn Lindhout

IDC Publishers
P.O. Box 11205
2301 EE Leiden
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)71 514 27 00
Fax: + 31 (0)71 513 17 21
E-mail: wlindhout@xxxxxx
Internet www.idc.nl

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