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Re: [BKARTS] official binding name?

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Thank you, Peter.

Can it be said that your definition varies from that
of Roberts & Etherington?

Alan Shalette

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Subject: Re: official binding name?

| The difference between the Asian and French fold is as follows.
| Asian: Single folio (2 printed pages on same side) folded so that fold
| on foredge
| French fold: Single sheet (4 printed pages on same side) folded first
| the top edge, then in the center so that the "section" can be sewn
| the fold. The top edges remain folded and are not trimmed.
| Peter
| > >From Roberts & Etherington
| >"Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books"
| >Washington, DC (1982)
| >
| >French fold
| >A sheet of paper printed on one side only and folded over
| >from left and right to form a "section" with uncut bolts. The
| >inside of the fold is blank.
| >
| >-------------
| >
| >I believe that Asian Binding (e.g. Japanes binding) is the
| >term applied to the method used for french-folded
| >text blocks.
| >
| >Alan Shalette
| >Albuquerque

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