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[BKARTS] E-paper's consumer debut

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Taken word for word, link for link from Metafilter.com

E-paper to make its consumer debut
<http://www.eink.com/news/releases/pr70.html >.

A little Cambridge, MA firm called E-Ink <http://www.eink.com> is
teaming up with 2 global partners Philips <http://www.philips.com>
and Sony <http://www.sony.com> to introduce next month "the world's
first consumer application of an electronic paper display module"

The size of a paperback book, it will allow storage of the equivalent
of 500 books, and display of up to 10,000 pages on a single set of
batteries.  The display technology
<http://www.eink.com/technology/index.html> comes closer to the
appearance of a printed page than any previous electronic display.

The future of this technology
<http://www.eink.com/company/future.html> "'expressive
surfaces'-intelligent displays that are built right into everyday
products."  At the research level it is already capable of displaying
color video <http://www.nature.com/nsu/030922/030922-10.html>.

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