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[BKARTS] Book-arts, Printmaking, and Drawing in Skopelos, Greece July 6-26, 2004

 MDE - Innovation 2004: An International Bookbinding Design Competition
                     60,000 ? (Euro) in total prizes
              Full information at <http://www.mde2004.org/>

The University of Florida is seeking several more participants for a summer
study abroad on Skopelos Island, Greece! (http://www.skopart.org/Index.html)
Join Professors April Flanders and Lauren Garber on Skopelos island this
summer. This unique opportunity allows students to earn three credits in a
two-week intensive workshop.

Traditional book-arts techniques and drawing will serve as a creative
springboard for developing artist¹s books that preserve and showcase text,
imagery, and sacred objects surrounding the theme of travel and home.
Participants will learn basic monoprint techniques and experimental drawing
while creating several different hand-made books. The bookforms taught
include Japanese stab binding, exposed spine sewing, and hard-case binding
including hand-sewn headbands.

The workshop is limited to fifteen students and it is filling up fast.
Participants do not need to be college students in order to be eligible.
For more information, contact April Flanders by e-mail at:
pinkparasol@xxxxxxxxxxxx or by phone at (613) 746-9125

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