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[BKARTS] launch of hypulp.com

Hello list,

my name is Paul Baron. I edit a new weblog documenting the influence of
internet on print design.
I have an interest in NAVIGATION. The way we navigate a
storyline in a book, content on a book/website, the way we navigate in
daily life from tasks to books to internet to other medias, back to life
etc... those links in between, in parallel. There is no back button in
life, how does that influence our decision making, imagine a website
no back button, imagine a book which takes 5 spreads to show you a big
picture as if it was heavy to load.
I hope our site can be a platform to documents the cross-breeding
and a vector to help designer devise new approaches to narratives.

Let us know what you think, please participate in the discussions,
leave your opinions and ideas.
Thank you.

Paul Baron

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