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Re: [BKARTS] Removing crayon from library book

I wonder if you have checked the Book-Arts List archives?

It may also be sensible to find the crayon that was used and
experiment with it on similar papers to find what method or solvent has
some effect.   Depending on how hard it was impressed into the
surface it may not be possible to remove it entirely; you can only try by
experiment.   If the paper is heavy, coated art paper then the "filler"
may be disturbed by the cleaning action.

AW Johnson's book "The Practical Guide to Book Repair &
Conservation", Thames & Hudson, 1992, has a section on chemicals
for dealing with various stains.   The chemicals should, of course, be
treated with care as they are organic solvents.

One method he mentions is to place the stained page face down on
clean blotting paper and allow the solvent to penetrate from the back.
The solvent should also be applied in a circle round the mark to ensure
the dissolved pigment is not carried further away from the point of
origin.   He suggests for coloured pencils, pyridine, or methanol, but
perhaps other solvents may be more effective in your specific case.

Rodney Fry

On 27 Mar 2004 at 0:00, Automatic digest processor wrote:

Can anyone give me some advice on how to remove green crayon from one
page of a library book. My 3 1/2 year old niece drew on a $30.00 out
of print children's book and my brother wants to try to fix it.
Someone told him that lighter fluid would work?! I told him not to do
anything until I consulted with my panel of experts here. Any ideas?

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