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[BKARTS] Workshop: 3-D Gaskell (and souvenir pressman's hat)

There is still space available in the 3rd annual Book History Workshop
at Texas A&M University. The workshop was aptly described by one of last
year's participants as "3-D Gaskell"--Gaskell being Philip Gaskell's New
Introduction to Bibliography.  The workshop provides an introduction to
the history of books and printing with an emphasis on hand press era
printing (so it's really only Gaskell up to page 185).  Workshop
participants learn about and experience hand press era printing and its
allied technologies--type founding, printing, paper making, binding,
illustration, and ink making.  The workshop runs a series of evening
lectures from notable scholars on bookish topics. For more information
on the workshop or to register online, go to:
And for those who are still reading, the workshop results in several
wonderful take-homes--see for example, the Texas A&M pressman's hat,
which in addition to keeping one's hair out of the press makes a darn
good Tchotchke, and a pretty decent coaster holder to boot:
The example shown derives from the workshop's major printing project,
an exact type facsimile reproduction of a duodecimo pamphlet imposed for
work and turn:
A complete report on the 2003 workshop is available at:

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