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[BKARTS] paste cooking temperatures

Hi all,

I wrote in a couple of weeks ago asking for information on cooking wheat
starch paste.  I wasn't happy with the quality of paste that we had been
producing, and was looking for ideas on how to improve it.

I received several very helpful replies (thanks!) and the consensus seems to
be that we have not been cooking our paste at a high enough temperature.  In
fact, a couple of people have said that paste must come to a boil to cook
properly.  I tested our old Cook & Stir, and found that the paste never
reaches a temperature above 203 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then I tested our new
Le Saucier, and found that the paste temperature never reached above 172
degrees Fahrenheit.  If the paste needs to come to a boil, we're out of

I was wondering if anyone else has ever tested the temperature of their
cooking paste, and if these temperatures were normal for the stirring

It's been interesting hearing all of the very different ways that people
prepare, cook and store their paste.  Soaking times have ranged from 1 hour
to 3 days.  Cooking times have ranged from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  And
storage practices have included under water, in the refrigerator, under a
damp towel, and in a blob on a piece of mylar (digging through the dried
crust to the damp paste underneath.)  We'll just have to find out what works
best for us.  The experimentation should be fun!

Thanks again to those who wrote with suggestions,

Sandy Hempe

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