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[BKARTS] Collotype book?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this list -- and hoping someone out there can help me. I'm
looking for a good book on the collotype procedure and can't seem to
find one that's reasonably priced. Kent Kirby's book is out of print,
and the only used copy I've found is $196!!

In lieu of Kirby's book I'll just muddle through with the chapter from
Keepers of Light, which seems awfully brief, so any other suggestions
will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

John Barnier

John Barnier Instructor Hallmark Institute of Photography At the Airport, P.O. Box 308 Turners Falls, MA 01376 Phone: 413.863.4038 Ext. 19 Fax: 413.863.4118 john@xxxxxxxxxxxx http://hallmark.edu

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