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Re: [BKARTS] messages to Book Arts-L from museum-security.org

Dear Debbie
I am writing to reassure you that is not a hoax. Crores and lakhs are the
way large numbers of Rupees in India are quantified-I was there last year
and unfortunately cannot remember exactly how it goes, but its something
like a lakhs are 50,000 ruppes and crores are a million lakhs (I don¹t think
that is right, but its something like that) Since, when I was there, the
exchange was something like 45 rupees to the dollar, the numbers become mind
bogglingly huge. I never really did comprehend how much things cost during
my trip. I wish I knew my currencies better, but that is the gist of it.

As things can get very tense in India, with the numbers of people, religions
and languages, it¹s nearly impossible for us in the west to begin to
understand it. It¹s the most complicate, and amazing place I¹ve ever been.
The idea that someone would torch a library and also a vegetable cart for
the same reason gives you only a glimmer in to the strange logic. Sadly, I
fear, its very true.


Miriam Schaer

On 4/15/05 1:20 PM, "Debbie Kogan" <debbie_kogan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Somebody is pulling our leg, right?  Is the entire kanglaonline website a
> hoax?
> If it is a hoax, it's a pretty elaborate hoax.  When I googled on "crores"
> to find out if this was an authentic unit of currency somewhere in the
> world, I got to this site http://www.kshitij.com/utilities/LnCtoMnB.shtml
> Or am I the one who is out of touch with reality?
> Date:    Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:05:55 +0200
> From:    "Museum Security Network / Cultural Property Protection Net (Ton
>          Cremers)" <museum-security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject:
> =?us-ascii?Q?1.45_lakh_books_destroyed_in_state's_worst_act_of_vandalism?=
> 1.45 lakh books destroyed in state's worst act of vandalism
> The Imphal Free Press
> IMPHAL, Apr 13: In a thoughtless and outrageous act that has deprived the
> state of one of its major storehouses of knowledge, activists of the Meetei
> Erol Eyek Loinasinlon Apunba Lup burnt down the state Central library at
> Keisampat this afternoon, destroying over 1,45,000 books worth over Rs. 10
> crores, many of them old and irreplacable editions.
> ...
> The MEELAL, in a statement, also said it was responsible for the torching of
> a truck carrying vegetables at Nagamapal last night.
> The MEELAL has also given a deadline of April 15 to the vernacular daily,
> the Ireipak, for carrying news in Meetei Mayek script on its frontpages.
> http://www.kanglaonline.com/index.php?template=headline&newsid=23044&typeid=
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