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[BKARTS] Evasol and its availability

Jet, by my math five gallons will run over 300 $US plus the shipping. And then there is the fun of Customs with that bucket.
American adhesive manufacturers make bookbinding EVAs (though chiefly for hot melts it seems). If you want to play with it I'd suggest that you look in your local yellow pages for the nearest modest scale adhesive manufacture, call them up, see what they can do for you.
I think that you'll find them, if they don't already supply bookbinders, eager to pursue a new market. You might have to buy 5 gallons but surely there are local Guild or Society of Scribes members to take some of it off your hands.
I found several years ago that EPA regulations (and the whole archival books thing) had moved adhesive makers to produce water reversible buffered adhesives without formaldehyde and other noxious additions because the stuff ends up on phone books in landfills. They won't think you nuts. Best, James

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