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[BKARTS] More recent adhesive research

I for one have been listening very attentively to the adhesive discussion going on here.

It has been brought to my attention that there may be a market for the Evasol adhesive that has been developed and mentioned by Peter Krantz, and we are always happy to carry new innovative products such as this. I have no doubt the difference in quality here is significant, but would like to gage from this audience how significant a factor the cost of the adhesive used in ones own every day use is. I ask because importing an adhesive such as Evasol would be costly, and would estimate it being 50-100% more expensive than our industry standard Jade 403 PVA.

Some people have mentioned that on a book the price differential on using a better quality adhesive equates to a small price difference on a per piece basis, and I too agree with this statement. However we have many customers purchasing adhesives (mostly institutions) in fairly large quantities, and to them it would be a substantial difference. I for one always encourage people to work with the best possible materials they can afford, but everything has its limit. So now I ask, at what point does price start to make a difference?

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