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I am attempting to get some books produced that have a tight gutter, so that when the book is open -- it opens to the hinges and not all the way to the gutter lying flat. I realize that this may seem a little unusual, but I prefer a rounded drape of the pages instead of the book being wide open or flat so that the reader can see right into the thread holes. I also would like to find out how to keep the front and back sections as tight as possible so that when the front or back cover is opened it doesn't pull open to the gutter and reveal unsightly thread holes there as well.  

I am told that the way to achieve this is by nipping the spine twice -- prior to and following gluing, but I have not had success with this. It seems that putting a liner on the backbone would also help. I am also told that when gluing the spine, we should force some glue into the thread holes, but I am uncertain if this is correct. Could someone provide me with the theory and recipe to get the look I desire?

Thank you

Meliva Koch


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