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Re: [BKARTS] What ever happened to Elsie the Cow?

Actually that was the first Elsie, not the last one, and her name wasn't even Elsie, it was Lobelia!
see http://www.roadsideamerica.com/pet/elsie.html
*“Elsie is named to the top ten list of icons of the 20th century. Nine out of ten people in America recognize her.”*
(Source: 2000 Advertising Age)
See http://www.diversifiedfoods.com/Bordens.htm

The cows I remember from the fields around St. George Ontario were all names Elsie with an appropiate second name such as Sue, or Mae although most people still think her middle name is the same as the bear named Winnie "ther".<grin>

Maria G. Pisano wrote:
To answer your question: What ever happened to Elsie the Cow?
Elsie (the last embodiment of that name), in 1941, while traveling to the NY theater district, was severely injured in a truck accident in Rahway, NJ. Rushed back to Plainsboro, but her injuries were too serious, and she was euthanized. Plainsboro's Walker Gordon Farm was her home, and the home of the Rotolactor, a 50 cow "merry -go -round" milking machine. She was buried in Plainsboro at the farm, and the grave marker reads "You'll Do Lobelia"
In the 90's Walker Gordon Farm gave way to modern day development, and now it is populated with stately homes and town houses. The grave marker was moved and is still here being displayed for visitors. However, her bones, are somewhere in the debris of construction.
Maria Plainsboro, NJ

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