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Re: [BKARTS] Update on the Bookmobile

Sorry for cross-posting, but I thought some might be interested in the Bookmobile update. See below.
  The Bookmobile was stolen on Monday night (February 13). It was then  found trashed an un-drivable on Tuesday night. Courtney Dailey writes:  "Last night the bookmobile van was found a mere 6 blocks from my house  (at 48th and Sansom), parked by the side of the road. Jake and I found  it after getting a tip from our friend Sullivan, because she had seen  it earlier in the morning yesterday parked there. It is trashed on the  inside: everything is pulled apart, the stereo is gone, papers all over  the place, so it is hard to see if/what was taken. They hot-wired it to  start it, so the spot where you put the key in is torn off, and  wrecked. It is not drive-able. Caitlin and I went back and had the  police come around midnight, and they towed it to their lot. We are  working on having it towed from there to a shop for repairs soon.  Thanks for all the support...Fingers crossed that it isn't too crazy to  fix!? - Courtney
                posted: 2/15/06

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