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[BKARTS] Rice Starch Paste

In the lab where I work, we use wheat starch paste, but at home I have been
trying Belgian rice starch paste.  I have made good, working consistency
pastes with this in a double boiler after soaking the mixture for a while,
but proportions were a bit of a mystery, and I often had to cook it quite a
while to get the consistency I wanted.   A couple of weeks ago, I made the
best paste ever by pouring a slurry made of 1/8 cup poured into just
boiling water.  Almost immediately I had wonderful, clear, slightly thick
paste.  However, when I tried to repeat this, it did not have the same
wonderful result.  The slurry didn't disperse well.   Rather hard fragments
formed, almost like wax in water.  I managed to get something I could use
out of it with some work, but I wonder what was different.  I'm sure the
proportions weren't, but timing and temperature may have varied.  Any
thoughts or directions?

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