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[BKARTS] Here's a doozie!

Anybody wanna try anwering this one?
Paul T Werner, New York

> Subject: interpreting AN "Declarations des imprimeurs" [query]
> I'm hoping list members might be able to help me interpret the
> length and print-runs of 19th C books listed in the Archives
> Nationales' "Declarations des imprimerus, releve des tirages
> indiques a la Direction de la Librairie."
> * When a given title in Format 8 has 25 Feuilles and 6000
> Exemplaires, does that indicate 6000 copies of 200 octovo pages, or
> rather of 400 double sided pages?
> * The same title has a later entry: Format 8; Volumes 1; Feuilles
> 1/4. How should I interpret the category "Volumes" here, perhaps a
> bulk measurement of a certain number of Feuilles (i.e 50, 100)? Am
> I dealing with a 2 or 4 page publication that shares the book's
> title and format: a publisher's prospectus or frontispieces and
> tables of contents printed after installments were completed?
> Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Sincerely,
> Jillian Lerner
> PhD Candidate, Department of Art History
> Columbia University
> jct26@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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