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Re: [BKARTS] Xylene transfer

Some comments regarding toner transfers

1) Xylene is the active ingredient in blender pens but can be purchased in a hardware store in products such as Goof Off. A small tin will last a lifetime. Blender pens have a tendency to dry up. I pour a small amount of the xylene into a dish and hold the felt tip of a dried out blender pen in the solution and draw up the xylene into the pen. I then use the pen to do the transfer. Alternatively, you can use a Q-tip to spread the xylene, then use another implement to rub the back.

2) Images larger than 5x7 inches are tricky due to movement issues of the original

3) Not all toner copier/printers are equal. Newer laser machines don't use the same toner.

Janet Lee

At 09:20 AM 2/22/2006, you wrote:
A note on the xylene pens: Design stopped making their blender marker.
Chartpak has responded by introducing a xylene blender pen. I haven't
used these myself yet, but students report good things. They are $1.99
from Dick Blick. I've heard about refillable pens that you can refill
with xylene/acetone, but can't find such a thing... The great thing
about the pens is that you are containing the fumes, but they are really
only good for pretty small images.

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