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Re: [BKARTS] Hole punching

For drilling very small holes in oak, I have had great success using small brads in the chuck of the drill instead of using 
"real" drill bits. It should work even easier to use them to drill through paper than through oak. They last a long time, and when they do break they cost virtually nothing to replace.  The only trick is to have a drill which will accept a very small bit.  If the cordless screwdriver will accept a 1/16" bit, very small nails will probable also fit.  Depending on the make of the drill, it is also sometimes necessary to cut off the head of the brad so you are left with a smooth shaft.  
Robert Simola

Has anyone had any success with cordless screwdrivers or drills
instead of using an awl? I looked at the Skil "iXO cordless
(picture at: http://www.kent.ca/buy/5765180.htm) today and almost
succumbed. What stopped me was the 1/16" drill bit provided. 

Would it be too large for hole drilling? I also wondered how long it
would last if used only on paper. Replacement bits, available only in
the 1/16" size, would cost approx. $5 which could possibly become
expensive in the long run.

Any experiences, comments?


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