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[BKARTS] Drilling Paper

Helen--I have had limited success drilling paper with a Dremel moto tool in
a 'drill press' accessory.  It allowed me to prep stab bindings for a
class.  You can buy a chuck accessory that takes very fine drill bits--too
fine even to get a needle through the resulting hole, in fact, as I
discovered unintentionally. The esteemed Bill Minter is right about the
risk of scorching; also, the dust created by the bit tearing through the
block of paper is a real nuisance because it swells the area you are
drilling and has to be cleared as you go from one station to the next.  It
can be done, but I wouldn't get this tool for the purpose.

Bill Minter, I would like to try the tubing idea, but am I understanding it
correctly? A drill chuck will receive the unpolished end of the 1" pieces,
so you can use it like a drill bit?  How much polishing does it take?

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